About us

Mbulase Group (Pty) Ltd is an evolving and fast growing business which operates in the data management sphere. The 4 Pillars of the business are, Data Engineering, Big Data Solutions, Data Driven CX and Data Monetization

Data Engineering: Installing, configuring and managing data management systems. Hosting and storing data for our clients. Developing data processes for DI, DQ, MDM and Data Remediation Strategies.

Big Data/Data Management Solutions: Consulting on big data/data management problem statements and client use case development. Designing and architecting client solutions for requirements. Data governance and regulatory reporting using big data solutions.

Data Driven Client Experience CX: Providing technology to drive CX requirements for clients. Track customer touch points and show overall picture of client interactions with your organization.

Data Monetization: once an organization has reached a high level of data maturity, the next step is to monetize their data, develop applications and/or potentially procure data to other industries.


Our purpose as Mbulase Group is to build a business that will be known for its excellence at delivering on its mandates and clients expectations. To be a force to be reckoned with both locally, wider African and Global Market.


To be a leading provider of services/products in the fields we have an interest in and ultimately to be a listed entity either locally on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange or pursue a foreign listing.