About us

Mbulase Group (Pty) Ltd is an evolving and fast growing business which operates in the data management sphere. The 4 Pillars of the business are, Data Engineering, Big Data Solutions, Data Driven CX and Data Monetization

Data Engineering: Installing, configuring and managing data management systems. Hosting and storing data for our clients. Developing data processes for DI, DQ, MDM and Data Remediation Strategies.

Big Data/Data Management Solutions: Consulting on big data/data management problem statements and client use case development. Designing and architecting client solutions for requirements. Data governance and regulatory reporting using big data solutions.

Data Driven Client Experience CX: Providing technology to drive CX requirements for clients. Track customer touch points and show overall picture of client interactions with your organization.

Data Monetization: once an organization has reached a high level of data maturity, the next step is to monetize their data, develop applications and/or potentially procure data to other industries.


To help our clients to identify and/or create their data and digital assets by leveraging and commoditising them to ultimately enhance their core business.


As data plays a more of critical role in the overall success of the modern day enterprise, Mbulase Group will be the niche provider of data services to your Chief Data Office across geographies and business lines.

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