Extract Transform and Load (ETL)

ETL is a widely used procedure for cleanly moving data from one application (the source), to another (the target). Whether you are embarking on a Data Integration project or Master Data Management project, data has to be moved from one location to another. And this movement of data can be done in an organised manner. There are three parts to any ETL process;

Extract – Data from various source systems is collected in an orderly manner and placed in temporary locations. This has been made possible through transformation objects within the many ETL tools, such as Informatica, PowerCentre, SAP Data Services and Talend.
Transform – In the transformation process, business rules are applied to extracted data. Data can be aggregated, sorted, normalised, and enriched. Data can also be cleansed and validated.
Load – This process is about how transformed data is inserted into a target system.

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